Hair Growth Serum
If you suffer any of the following, our embellish growth serum would be PERFECT FOR YOU! It’s safe for use on, babies, kids, & Adults.  - cradle cap - eczema  - dry scalp - damaged hair  - split ends - bald...
from $10.00
Modified Hair Growth Serum (newborn- 4months)
This modified version is for use on newborn babies- 4month babies. Specifically targets cradle cap and eczema in infants. Can also be used on their skin 
from $10.00
Embellish Growth Essentials: Wash Day Set
Embellish your hair growth journey with this effective and luxurious Wash Day Set! Our stimulating shampoo's blend of invigorating oils promotes growth, the moisturizing shampoo nourishes each hair strand, and the moisturizing conditioner's natural extracts provides intense hydration. Experience a...
Embellish Growth Essentials: Deluxe Set
Our all-natural shampoo, conditioner, and growth oil offer the perfect combination of effective ingredients to promote healthier hair growth. Clinically tested and proven to enhance volume and thickness, these products are perfect for those looking for strong and nourished hair....
from $50.00
Embellish Growth Essentials: Premium Set
Embellish Growth Essentials: Premium Set features a satin bonnet, shampoo, conditioner, and growth oil to help promote hair growth and protect your hair from damage. Enjoy a superior hydration boost, as the natural oils and moisture are sealed in stylishly,...
from $62.00
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